Preparing for Adventurous April

I'm going to start four projects for Adventurous April.  They are four very different knitting adventurous that I hope to make good progress on and complete during the course of the summer.  If you're interested in joining us, the adventure knitalong starts April 15, but you can join us at any time.

Baby camel

First up for me is the Antler Baby Sweater, knit in Elliebelly Baby Camel.  I'm indulging this month by knitting more than test swatches of my own yarn, and three of my four projects will be knit in different types of Elliebelly Yarn.


Next, I'm going to knit a Lente Cowl in Elliebelly Premium British Merino.  This pattern was designed by Monika Sirna, who is also the author of the Lutz Jump Hat I knit last month.  Lutz Jump was a fairly complicated knit, but the pattern was very clear and well written, so I am really looking forward to Lente.

Moth n goat

I am SO excited to be knitting Citron!  I've wanted to do one forever — it looks like a little piece of froth to float around your neck on a cool evening.  The yarn is Elliebelly Moth 'n Goat — a silk/cashmere blend and I am excited beyond belief to be using it for Citron.  This project is my odds on favorite to be first cast on.


The final project is in our KNIT ALL THE THINGS category, for knitters who wanted to pick their own pattern and knit it with the group, rather than knitting one of our official knitalong patterns.  Susan Barstein writes wonderful patterns, and I've had her Canadian Summer pattern and the yarn to knit it, Blue Sky Alpacas' Metalico, in my stash for a while.  I agonized over pattern selection for the KATT, but I'm so happy to be casting on Susan's awesome cowl.  

Ravelry is a really wonderful place where knitters come together.  Adventurous April, and events like it are one of my favorite parts of Ravelry.  I hope you'll come along and join us — you can knit, watch us knit, cheer us from the sidelines or whatever, but because Ravelry encourages more experienced knitters to help newer knitters get started, this knitalong is appropriate for anyone of any skill level.

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