Why I Love A Good Knitalong

In the past, I rarely participated in knitalongs (KALs).  The deadlines didn't fit into my work schedule and family life and it wasn't always easy to find the right group knitting the right pattern.  I've flirted with KALs a couple of times, but after the fun of Malabrigo March with its Multi-KAL approach, I'm a serious convert. The enthusiasm and the support were contagioius.


I still have four unfinished projects from Mal March, but I got a good headstart on them.  My Modern Garden sweater  is almost done and there is one last project, Amy March Slippers, that I have yet to cast on but am looking forward to doing.

During the fall of 2013, I decided to catch up on all of my knitting.  I finished up everything I was working on except for two long terms projects, my Barnraising Quilt (because it really does take a long time to knit a quilt out of sock yarn) and my Summit Fairhope Shawl, because I have to be completely alone and undisturbed to keep up with the pattern, which doesn't happen a whole lot. Other than those two long term projects, I was going to be one of those knitters who worked on one project at a time and finished it before moving on.

But I'm not that knitter. I'm a CAST ON ALL THE THINGS kind of girl. And, sometimes you just have to know who you are.  In addition to the Mal March leftovers, and the long term projects, I've got a Storm Cloud Shawlette cast on that I work on when I need to keep my hands busy so my mind can focus on complex issues. 

All the yarn

I'm getting ready to finalize my choices for the Adventurous April KALs on the Elliebelly group, which start in just five days!  I've got all of this yarn pulled out and am mulling over my pattern choices and planning to swatch over the weekend.  I can't wait to see everyone else's knitting and get going with my own.



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