1-I've started both of Arlo's fronts, thinking that if I knit them together I'll be happier.

2-I've got a lot of ends to weave in at some point!

3-Reading ahead, it occurs to me I've made the same mistake I always do of thinking I'll be done once the pieces are knit.  In reality, I have a lot of finishing work to do, starting with picking up mega-stitches to knit the button bands and collars.

4-My arch nemesis, short rows, are about to be conquered.  I am doing a class on Craftsy.  They will not be the boss of me anymore. (Any thoughts on using the traditional wrap and turn versus German short rows? Leave me a comment)

5-Set in sleeves.  I have not done this before.  But I am determined.

All this for my teenager, right?  I hope he will appreciate it.  He had better not plan on growing this winter!

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