Some Days

Sometimes, I have weekend days like this:  I wake up and think, I'd love to go and look at all of the cool, new knitting patterns that have come out in the last few weeks.


And then, I end up like this.

image from                        

It is such a guilty pleasure to browse patterns. Almost as good as ice cream.

I've got no excuse — in addition to work and family, I've got a knitting agenda for the rest of this year. I've got Arlo to finish in the next couple of weeks, and then Glacier to take up. After that, I want to finish my Drachenfels and my Summer Moon.  I've got a couple of smaller projects that I've either swatched for or cast on so that I have some good travel knitting on hand, Forest Park and Wrapped in Baubbles.  And I have plans for this amazing handspun my cousin Ann made for me.

Anns handspun
But every once in a while, I like to spend a few hours, cruising through the new patterns in Ravelry and dream about lace, cashmere, and cables.  It's free and it's not fattening.  

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