This Week’s Airport Knitting

The girl you see knitting while waiting for a plane? That would be me this week, in three different airports in four days.

A Marled Hat in progress (The Plucky Knitter Scholar marled with Bello Worsted) and my ongoing monster Drachenfels, which seems to go on forever.

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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Airport Knitting

  1. You seem to be the only one besides me and we’re not in the same airports. I didn’t see anyone (besides myself) knitting on my latest trip which involved 3 planes and airports in both directions. What are they doing?

  2. It doesnt happen all the time, but Ive had a number of trips where Ive had a nice conversation with other knitters (sometimes we recognize each others knitting from Ravelry) in airports or seen other knitters on planes.  But, on one remarkable flight, I was sitting three across and all three of us pulled out our knitting.  Best.Flight.Ever!

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