Today’s Episode Of Yarn Chicken

Today in Yarn Chicken, we learn that dyers have no one but themselves to blame when they run short on yarn. #AngryYarnChicken

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Although I technically dyed enough yarn for this sweater, as a loose knitter, I know that I always take slightly more yarn than a pattern calls for. But I persist in willful ignorance of this fact. So, I knit the first sleeve in an effort to figure out how much yarn I would need to reserve for the second sleeve. Now, I’m finishing out the third ball of yarn on the body. I’ll use the fourth ball to knit the neckline, before knitting the second sleeve. Any leftover yarn will go to lengthening the body.

There will be a lot of prayer on that fourth ball of yarn. I did dye up a bit of extra yarn, but true confessions, the four initial skeins were so perfectly matched that I have not alternated. I don’t believe the newly dyed skeins are a perfect match to the earlier batch. Worst case, I will use them on the sleeve ends where I am planning on altering the pattern and doing some ribbing.

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I have fallen in love with this new tool/accessory. It is something I found on Etsy and had not seen before. Since I travel frequently with my knitting, I often have problems, particularly when knitting with double pointed needles, with stitches falling off of a project that is hastily put back in a tote bag. This little cover, which snaps over the needles has put an end to that problem. I purchased it from Pokdej, a seller located in Canada, and received my order very quickly. I have no connection with the seller, but liked this little item so much, I wanted to share it with others who may have experienced similar problems with stitches sliding off of needles.

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