Random Pretty Yarn

Here are a couple of random pretties to brighten up the middle of your week.


This is "Bliss" — the palest of my pinks, ready for a little color work adventure.


It's mate, "Mahogany" is my favorite brown of all time.  Just enough gray.  Just enough brown.  Definitely not boring.  I want to knit a bulky sweater out of this color for winter and hibernate in it!


"Margaery" is one of my all time favorite colors, but I'm not a good enough photographer to capture its rich turquoise tones.  The photo above is on a silk/cashmere blend, so it's slightly more muted than its Blue Faced Leicester cousin, below.  Although there is some variation in this (and all hand dyed yarns), depending on the precise blend of fibers used, these two are actually quite close in real life, and somewhere in between the two photos.  Getting a good picture of Margaery is my knitting holy grail at the moment.


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