Summer Knitting

Usually, summer dampens my fervor for knitting a little bit.  Once the mercury hits 90` and the humidity lobs on another 20 or so in feel, the idea of sitting beneath a pile of wool is less appealing.  But, not true this year.  Perhaps that's due to the fact that my two primary projects at the moment are both knit in linen, but I'm also looking forward to picking up my Summer Moon, knit from Merino, and finishing it, as soon as these two are finished.

Summer moon

Happy Fourth of July to the U.S. knitters among us and happy summer knitting to everyone!


I'm still playing yarn chicken with Mithril.  My current plan is to finish out the sleeves with ball four and then use what is left to pick up the neckline and finish it.  There is a little bit left in ball three so I can add some length, but I'd like to make this as long as possible and am hopeful there will be a bit left from ball four as well.  The silk linen blend is beautiful and I really love the pattern.  I might knit the neckline a bit less generously if I were to do it again, but it's a simple pattern, perfect for a first sweater.  The stockinette never gets boring, as you're always looking forward to the next cable and watching that pattern grow.


This is Jamie Thomas's Vested Interest, knit in Quince Kestrel. I've just started in on it.  If you're coveting all of the beautiful Eileen Fisher summer linen knits, this is a great pattern for you.  And it's the ultimate in public knitting projects — all stockinette with two very simple armholes.  I'm reserving this one for knitting with friends.  One quick note if you decide to knit it — grab an extra skein or two.  I started out with four skeins per the pattern, but picked up two extra, which I will clearly need, along with a third for insurance. Kestrel is reasonable priced, so even with the additional skeins, this is still a moderately priced project. 

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