About That Hat….


The kit for this hat arrived last weekend as you may recall from this post, and I cast on Tuesday evening.  And couldn't stop knitting, because the yarn is wonderful and, of course, the colors.


It's really the perfect hat.  Even Miss Figg thinks so.


And, never one to let scraps go to waste, my daughter already has a project in the works for the tiny snips of leftovers.


The verdict: Sure this is a simple idea and you could put one of these together with your own scraps.  But half the fun of this project was the kit, which arrived so beautifully put together.  I had not knit with Blue Sky's Woolstok before and am so glad I did.  It's a really nice yarn and the colors are beautiful.  I'm sure I'll do another with my own scraps at some point, but I'm so glad I started with the kit.


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