What To Knit With Handspun Yarn?

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It's amazing, right?  You can just feel all of that softness jumping off the page.

This is some 100% angora, naturally produced and undyed yarn, that I ordered from Seidenhase.de.  Seidenhase literally translates as silk bunny, and nothing could be more apt.  This yarn is amazing.

I'm not sure what to knit with it yet (two skeins, approximately 235 meters/257 yards, so enough for some nice fingerless mitts or a hat).  I'll likely hold the two skeins together to even them out, as they are a bit different in gauge, but look to be mostly a dk or light worsted weight.  For now, I'm just going to pet these sweet little skeins and wait for inspiration to hit. If you have any ideas for me, please share them in the comments!

One thought on “What To Knit With Handspun Yarn?

  1. it’s no heavenly angora, but I’m in a similar situation with my little skeins’ worth of white peruvian wool. thankfully you have more than one skein!
    for something like that I imagine a gorgeously cabled wet of mitts, something that will be close to the skin, in a pattern that would show off that yarn. (a quick search with the yardage and weight of your yarn brought this one up which is really lovely http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/autumnal-mitts)

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