A Hat & A Cat

Finished hat for my friend who is marching in the women’s march later this month, fittingly modeled along with a cat.

If you are interested in learning more about the march or wondering why hundreds of thousands of knitters would knit pattern with such a seemingly offensive name (it’s been a major topic of conversation at my dinner table the last couple of weeks), there is information about why every knitter you know seems to be knitting a Pussy Hat or two, here.  It’s refreshing seeing people find ways to express their views in a respectful, impactful manner.  I know that the community of knitters will continue to find methods, like this, of engaging in civil discourse and help move us all forward.  I was honored to knit this hat for a friend who will be participating.

I love this hat in Elliebelly’s aran weigh Blue Faced Leicester.  The only question is whether it needs some embroidery to emphasize the cat ears, but it’s such a spectacular color that I think I’ll leave it as is.

One thought on “A Hat & A Cat

  1. Fantastic pink! Perfect for the Women’s March. Regarding making the ears more prominent, if you draw an imaginary diagonal line from about 2″ down from the top on the left hand side up and across to about 2″ from the left on the top edge of the hat (think triangle!) and stitch across that diagonal (repeat for the right hand side) it will define the ear nicely.


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