Pink & Pom Poms

I don’t usually get lured into knitting because of a store sample.  But, on my last visit to my local yarn shop, In The Making, it happened.  It was silly thing, and not something I would normally wear, but I adore it. Yes, a scarf with “fur” pom poms hanging off of it is a bit theatrical, but in a nice and very wearable way.  And it’s going to look great on my white coat.  And on my black coat.  And with jeans and it sweater.  In short, this scarf looks great with everything, and you should knit one!

Pink Pom Pom Scarf

Rather than the sample yarn, I used Plucky Cachet in the Dreamy Colorway.  And it’s accented with little snap on pom poms.  Sadly, the snaps don’t stay closed too well, so I’m going to have to sew them in place, but seriously, pink cashmere and gray pom poms.  I’m in love and looking forward to wearing it in our snow on Friday!

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