Roving. Because Spinners Can Be Scary.

You know who you are.  My friends who spin their own yarn from roving.  You are wonderful people, and I love and admire you.

You also scare me a little bit.

“Are you going to dye any roving when Elliebelly reopens?” That was the entire email I received from a close friend a couple of months ago.  “I’m not sure,” I told her.  I’ve always been sort of picky about the roving I dye.  It’s typically small farm sourced or a commercially available, but uncommon or limited availability fiber that I particularly like.  I don’t dye it regularly or have ongoing kinds of roving available.

Heathcliff Merino Roving

She emailed me a couple of weeks later, this time with a photo of some of her handspun yarn attached.  She reminded me that she REALLY needed some more Elliebelly roving.  The next week, I got emails from a couple of other spinners.  And a former customer simply demanded “more of that soft merino I got from you in 2005. I need at least two pounds.”

Marmalade Merino Roving

Then, at a Christmas party, I was introduced to a woman who said, “I need to talk with you about something really important.” I thought it was a business matter.  We found a quiet spot in the house.  “Roving,” she said.  “I just got a wheel and am learning to spin and a friend said I’ve got to get my hands on some of your roving.” She was insistent.  And, another friend, a teacher at my children’s school and a wonderful knitter, mentioned that she had just got a wheel and was learning to spin.

Posy Merino Roving

The spinners out there have been insistent.  And demanding, in, of course, the polite way that all people who love fiber behave when they really need something.  So out of fear (not really, actually, out of love for you all and selfishly, because I love dyeing roving), I’ve found some very fine merino roving that I like, and dyed up a bit for the opening.  I hope it’s what you’ve all been wanting!

Also, if you’ve been with me on Ravelry or Instagram, you’ve probably seen by now that I’m encouraging people to sign up for my new email list (you can do that at the top of this page).  On Saturday morning, I’ll do a random drawing from everyone who has signed up so far, and offer a skein of Elliebelly Luxury Cashmerino Sock yarn, in the Crayon colorway, as a prize.  So please sign up.  I promise to keep the emails to a minimum – news about our reopening, updates after that, but no spam and I’ll never sell or share your information.  Take a second or two and sign up!  I’d love to send you this skein of yarn.

Crayon on Cashmerino Luxury Sock

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