More Felting — Chad Alice Hagen and the Amazing Mokume Scarf

If you are reading along from earlier today, we picked up after lunch with the amazing process of turning the fulled and stitched scarf into a tightly pleated snake, that was ready for a second bath to over dye the original colors.  The stitching and pleating acts as a resist.


The snake went into a deep purple dye bath, and an hour later, out popped the most beautiful thing imaginable!  Unfortunately, due to the joys of hotel room photography, you're going to have to imagine the colors for now, but the photos at least give you an idea of the patterning.


The actual colors are a deeper purple with soft earthy brown variations.


Unfortunately, better color pictures will have to wait for tomorrow, but at least this gives you the idea.  I adore this scarf, and imagine that between the soft merino, the fabulous bark-like texture of the pleats, and the beautiful colors, this one will be a favorite.


Today: Felting a Scarf

Today I am felting with the wonderful Chad Alice Hagen. I've admired her work from afar for years — having the chance to take a class with her was an incredible opportunity.  The class is called "hand felted bark scarf" and is based on Japanese Mokume dyeing.

Because we only have one day to work, Chad pre-dyed our batts for us.  Mine looked like this.


We've spent the morning, first felting the batts and then stitching them for the Mokume patterning.


I think they look sort of pretty just with the stitching in.


Next in store for them is a second dye bath.  I'm leaning towards purple, although a rich brown still isn't out of the question.  It has been a great class so far!