Virtual Yardsale – Updated 2/11

Welcome to My Virtual Yard Sale.  I’m spring cleaning, so I’m looking for good homes for art supplies, children’s clothing, and other household items.  It makes me sad to see things going unused on the shelves.

Kiln for Precious Metal Clay and other PMC Items — contact me at joyce at elliebelly dot com if you are interested in any of these items.  I would prefer to sell it all together

Lot of Boys 4T/5T clothing for $20 plus shipping

image from www.elliebelly.com
size 4 navy blue “place” long khaki style pants
5 gap kids khaki shorts with great pockets
4/5 red bravaa soccer shorts
4/5 grey crew cuts cotton jersey shorts – only work twice
100 hanna anderson blue jersey shorts
unknown brand green plaid shorts
4 gymboree plaid shorts
4 polo jeans company tee in nice worn in boy shape
4-5 crew cuts navy tee
5 T circo yellow/gray striped tee
4/5 crewcuts lobster tee — very very cute
5T cherokee white/argyle vest-cute for easter with 1 very small minor stain at the neckline that should come out but you have to look pretty hard to see it. Including light blue shorts that look cute with them but do have a nickel sized stain 4″ down from the waist — again i think this will come out



More Felting — Chad Alice Hagen and the Amazing Mokume Scarf

If you are reading along from earlier today, we picked up after lunch with the amazing process of turning the fulled and stitched scarf into a tightly pleated snake, that was ready for a second bath to over dye the original colors.  The stitching and pleating acts as a resist.


The snake went into a deep purple dye bath, and an hour later, out popped the most beautiful thing imaginable!  Unfortunately, due to the joys of hotel room photography, you're going to have to imagine the colors for now, but the photos at least give you an idea of the patterning.


The actual colors are a deeper purple with soft earthy brown variations.


Unfortunately, better color pictures will have to wait for tomorrow, but at least this gives you the idea.  I adore this scarf, and imagine that between the soft merino, the fabulous bark-like texture of the pleats, and the beautiful colors, this one will be a favorite.