Cats. Yarn.

It could have been a disaster.  But thankfully, it wasn't.  And they are just so stinkin' cute.


Usually, I'm meticulously good about putting up my things before I go to bed, but I wanted to knit a last row before I turned off the lights last night, and left everything on the floor, thinking it would be okay.

Our new kittens, Wingus and Dingus, are masterminds of chaos, so I should have known better.  And really, for them, this was quite restrained.  Fortunately, they were far more interested in a piece of kleenex and a pile of the Judge's dirty clothes (or at least they found them first), so the carnage was far worse there.

No more good yarnz for kittens in our house.  But I will leave a few scraps strategically place around the house for them to discover, so they can enjoy the sensation of being naughty kittens.  They are extremely pleased with themselves right now!

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