Attached I-Cord Bind Off

1bind off

I am here to tell you that the precise amount of time it takes to pick up stitches along the rather expansive neckline of a Mithril sweater and then do an attached I-Cord edging is the same as the amount of time it takes to watch Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.  It was a complete match and a happy coincidence, because I did it all in one go.  Unfortunately, because I ended this adventure at 2 am, I'm a little bit brain dead.  I'll do a post later these week and leave behind breadcrumbs for anyone who wants some thoughts about using this technique.  I'm very pleased with it and found it to be surprisingly easy to do, including the join at the end.

I'll leave you with a photo of my happy hunters, Wingus and Dingus, enjoying a surprisingly pleasant (i.e. not blastingly humid) Saturday and some incredibly vibrant colors going on in my garden this morning.





Cats. Yarn.

It could have been a disaster.  But thankfully, it wasn't.  And they are just so stinkin' cute.


Usually, I'm meticulously good about putting up my things before I go to bed, but I wanted to knit a last row before I turned off the lights last night, and left everything on the floor, thinking it would be okay.

Our new kittens, Wingus and Dingus, are masterminds of chaos, so I should have known better.  And really, for them, this was quite restrained.  Fortunately, they were far more interested in a piece of kleenex and a pile of the Judge's dirty clothes (or at least they found them first), so the carnage was far worse there.

No more good yarnz for kittens in our house.  But I will leave a few scraps strategically place around the house for them to discover, so they can enjoy the sensation of being naughty kittens.  They are extremely pleased with themselves right now!